Proposed Demolition of 1616, 1620, and 1624 21st Street

Despite their significant amount of deferred maintenance, these resources appear eligible for listing as a historic district on both the Sacramento Register and the CRHR. The 21st Street Terrace Historic District (District) is eligible under Criterion “i” of the Sacramento Register as it represents a cohesive concentration of residential buildings unified aesthetically by plan and physical development. The District is eligible under CRHR Criterion 1 at the local level of significance for its associations with the broad patterns of local history. The District exemplifies early 20th century urban design one of Sacramento’s most influential development companies (Wright & Kimbrough). The District represents Wright & Kimbrough’s interpretation of the “City Beautiful” movement in Sacramento, and the company’s attempt to design a neighborhood using aesthetic and social principles that enhanced the beauty and livability of American cities.

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