Preservation Commissioner Tutorial - MD

This tutorial offers practical training and education that commissioners and staff require to be effective. It provides them with practical information: basic concepts, common terminology, and core principles of preservation practice. While the tutorial is targeted primarily towards commission members and staff, others such as code officers, elected officials, and Main Street managers may also benefit from the training.

For the Record: The NAPC Short Guide to Parliamentary Procedure

The National Alliance of Preservation Commissions (NAPC) has compiled and written For the Record: The NAPC Short Guide to Parliamentary Procedure to help commission members and staff understand parliamentary procedure and to serve as a handy reference when questions arise.

Office of Historic Preservation E-Learning Modules: Secretary of the Interior's Standards

The California Office of Historic Preservation provides free eLearning course is designed for historic preservation commissioners, planning staff, local government officials and anyone who want to better understand the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

Wisconsin Historical Society: Preservation Commission Training

This website hosted by the Wisconsin Historical Society is the only comprehensive online training program of its kind for preservation commissioners in the United States. It has been designed for new commissioners, but it is also a useful tool for experienced commissioners who have a need for more advanced information.

Secrets of a Successful Application by Lisa Craig

This article reveals how a good application creates a transparent procedural process, supports the purpose of your historic district ordinance and leads to the ultimate goal for the historic property owner: project approval.

Demolition Delay: A Tool, Not a Solution by Kuri Gill

Article published by the National Alliance of Preservation Commissioners explores preservation commissioners with the ability to delay demolition of historic resources.  The study found that demolition delay doesn't effectively save buildings.  In fact, only one in 19 historic resources in the study submitted for demolition was saved during the demolition delay process.  In contrast, where demolition denial has been enacted, all properties denied demolition are still standing.